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Citizenship-by-Investment programs

Citizenship-by-Investment programs („CBI“) can be an innovative way for a nation to set up their country and future generations for success. It is a revolutionary way to attract Foreign-Direct-Investment („FDI“) to improve and build critical infrastructures and cover budgetary deficits that can be difficult to achieve using ordinary fiscal budget measures. The burden of over-reliance on a single industry or missing funds to educate and train future generations is a vicious circle that many nations have been able to break with the help of the income that CBI programs generate. A well designed CBI program can be the missing link between your nations’ aspirations and the liquidity needed to realize your plans. A well structured program can generate income, create jobs and help create sustainable private-public business ventures at once.

Our team consists of leading FDI strategists, specialized attorneys to implement the legal framework and experts who bring a multitude of experience in program design, set-up, implementation and international marketing.

Our team has previously lead the redevelopment of a Citizenship-by-Investment program and spearheaded the inception of a new program, each designed to maximize foreign direct investment benefits for the nations they advised. Let globalization work for you and proactively future-proof your country by attracting the talent and investment you need to diversify with our help.

Speak with us about how we can help you design a citizenship by investment program that is safe and brings your nation global recognition and substantial benefits.