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World Passage is our passion, it is what we believe in deeply. We welcome you with a smile and guarantee that you will be advised professionally. Clients always come first at World Passage and we have your best interest at heart, no matter what.

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Based on the highest standards, we position our company at the top, by a highly qualified team aiming to hustle free your journey until achieving the goal.


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Nationality programs


Destinations without visa


is the process of acquiring an additional nationality and passport, in exchange for a qualified investment or contribution. To find out more about your options get in touch with your World Passage advisor today.

Government Advisory

is the ability to advise interested governments to design, implement and launch a successful and safe Citizenship-by-Investment program.

To find out more about our track record and evaluate your options get in touch with us today.

We Follow Best Practices

Planning, preparation and hard work are the tools of our trade to make your dreams and goals become a reality.

Golden Visa

is the process of acquiring a temporary or permanent residency permit, in exchange for a qualified and approved investment in a foreign country. To find out more about your options get in touch with your World Passage advisor today.

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Discussing and offering the appropriate immigration program for your situation and goals

Navigating the application process with full guidance and assistance through all steps.

Legal document and notary services

Bespoke filing services and management of all prerequisite documents

Financial planning and complete cost calculation for the program and its application process

World Passage

is an international boutique immigration advisory firm. Our clients are at the heart of our team, the driving force for our enterprise. We present a unified front, and all work towards the clients’ goal, in the most organized and concerted effort to get you to your plan B in a timely and cost effective manner. Our business is our passion and we cannot wait to bring you along on this journey.

Start your next World PASSage in life with us, and let us enjoy the journey of working together.