At heart, we are a Swiss, UAE based team with an international outlook respecting all cultures

Planning, preparation and hard work are the tools of our trade to make your dreams and goals become a reality. We provide you with immigration services for the best Residence and Citizenship-by-Investment programs globally and guide you through the application process with a personalized approach and tailor-made services for your family situation, all while charging reasonable fees. Whether you are looking for safety, stability and security, to diversify your business, ease your travel options, or ensure better health care access and international education for your children, we will be with you every step of the way. Let us help you to work out your Plan B and enable you to step into a better future.

We speak several languages, including English, Arabic, French and German. We love efficiency and handle each case with absolute professionalism.

Our clients always come first.

Our expertise is in custom 24/7 immigration services including but not limited to:

  • Discussing and offering the appropriate immigration program for your situation and goals
  • Navigating the application process with full guidance and assistance through all steps
  • Legal document and notary services
  • Bespoke filing services and management of all prerequisite documents
  • Assistance with references and CV templates
  • Financial planning and complete cost calculation for the program and its application process
  • A variety of fee payment options
  • Aftercare service

At World Passage we are proud of our moral compass: we develop our business sustainably, we charge our customers fairly and treat them with respect and sincerity. Our interest in your future is as genuine as your intentions, let’s make sure we both take this journey with a smile on our face.